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Irás Dirás Virás

Clara Pino met Xela Arias in her college years where they forged a great friendship.

The dedication of Letras Galegas 2021 to Xela Arias was the perfect alibi to musicalize some of her poems.

Along with Pablo Vidal at the piano they set to work.

This tribute is a contribution to the work of the poet from friendship, musicalizing some of his poems.

They make their way

Clara Pino and Pablo Vidal pay tribute to Galician poets, including Xela Arias and Rosalía de Castro, also performing a selection of songs from their previous works.

CLARA PINO (Celtic harp, voice).
He combines his work as a teacher with musical creation. His recordings include SEVEN SKIRTS, LOAIRA, A FINGER STAINED INK and NOWHERE.

PABLO VIDAL (double bass, guitar and piano).

He has a long career that covers different music scenes, from jazz to rock, to orchestral and children's music, with constant collaborations with other artists.



"I was born alone, in the sway of the sea of Vigo ..."

Thus begins Clara Pino's latest CD recorded with Pablo Vidal, referring to the city that saw her born and that is constantly returning in its lyrics.

“San Simón” is another of the songs included in NOWHERE (Ningures) in which Clara Pino and Pablo Vidal put music to Mendinho's song.

Alcoholic Sea, Poker of Aces, So Special, or Slow Death are other songs from NOWHERE, an album that alternates music with lyrics written by the author, showing us a multidisciplinary artist, feminist and committed to her time.

"The Vigo harpist Clara Pino has 5 author albums recorded from 2007 to the present."

"From his first work SEVEN SKIRTS to the last NOWHERE he has collaborated on countless musical projects by other prominent artists."

"This time, together with Pablo Vidal, they compose new songs with social content that range from traditional music to pop."

The two authors show in this project a fusion between author music, tradition and avant-garde.

The title chosen by Clara Pino and Pablo Vidal to name their first joint CD is "NOWHERE" (Ningures) refers to the so-called "no places" or "places of transit".

THE CONCERT It consists of the original songs of the last work of Clara Pino and Pablo Vidal (NOWHERE), songs of previous works (SEVEN SKIRTS etc.), new songs of both and traditional Galician.

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