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Tatán "hat"

TATÁN CHAPEU is a musical project by Tatán R. in collaboration with Pablo Vidal and Uxía in musical creation and various arrangements. Letters by Tatán and literary collaborations by Uxía, Magín and Carlos Blanco.

TATÁN CHAPEU are a dozen songs written to tell stories. Theatrical photographs, the world I know best and with which I walk my life, a world full of friends who invite me to sing and whom I admire and with whom I shared the madness of creating this project. People from the music, people from the theater, people from the puppets ... My broken voice, sprinkled with impeccable musical notes played by top musicians, musicians from here, Galicians from the estuaries, scattered throughout the musical universe, turned into stars. Warm voices, choruses that support the sweet melodies, original and composed for this HAT full of holes.

The CD features Isaac Palacin on percussion, Alfredo Teixeira on Portuguese guitar, Alberto Vilas on piano, Pablo Vidal on double bass, piano and guitars, Felipe Castro on saxophones, Manu Paino on fiscorno and trumpet and Sérgio Tannus on viola. The voices are those of Uxía, Blanca Francés, Chus Domínguez, Ana Senlle and Carlos Blanco.

* POUSADIÑO Award 2018


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