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The CD of the SAPOCONCHO PROJECT has just been released, in which some of the most relevant figures in the Galician and Portuguese-speaking music scene take part:

Narf, Uxía, Sérgio Tannus, Xoán Curiel, Tonhito de Poi, Iria Sobrado, Abe Rábade, Magín Blanco, Clara Pino, Quiné Teles, Bruno Cardoso, Jamila Castillo, Maghúa, Olga Brañas ...

Félix Cons and Pablo Vidal decided to record on a CD some of the songs they sang in the Compostela jams. This is how this CD was born

"Music for the land and the language", "Fado - Blues" are some of the project definitions

Live a voice, a double bass, a piano ... accompanied, sometimes by a drums, guitar, melodic, tambourine, vocals ... Making their own and usual songs, with respect, but without complexes. From tradition to blues. And always with a lot, a lot of emotion. "

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