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"Nowhere" is the title chosen by Clara Pino and Pablo Vidal for their first joint CD. The album consists of nine original songs with lyrics by Clara Pino, music shared by the two and a high literary content as it includes nine lyrics written by Pino linked to each of the songs on the album.

Collaborators: Sabela Dacal (accordion), Mila García (cello), Rafa Otero (guitar) and Roi Adrio (percussion).

Photos: Juan Luis Rúa

Clara Pino (Celtic harp, voice) combines her work as a teacher with musical creation. His recordings include "Sete Saias", "Loaira" and "Un dedo manchado de tinta". Also mention the award given by the Ministry of Education with the project "Music from silence" which includes the creation of the theme and video clip "Contracorrente", in which Pablo Vidal participates. He collaborates in the children's music projects "The girl and the cricket in a boat", "Pitusa Semifusa" and "Alegría".

Pablo Vidal (double bass, voice) has a long musical career ranging from jazz, rock, to orchestral and children's music, and multiple collaborations in the Galician music scene (Uxía, Sérgio Tannus, Magín Blanco, Xoán Curiel, etc.). in addition to being part of the band Sons Miúdos. His latest recordings include “Tatán Chapeu”, “Jazz Pagano” (Pablo Vidal Trio), Os Resentidos & Lira Big Band, A DOCE VITA Sons de Cine, and “Nowhere”, together with Clara Pino.

NOWHERE Clara Pino & Pablo Vidal

SKU: 102016
€15.00 Regular Price
€10.00Sale Price
  • Music CD. 9 songs and 9 related lyrics.
    Cardboard digipack with photos printed in the highest quality.

    Interior booklet with photos and texts printed in the highest quality.

    Photographs by Juan Luis Rúa

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